Ever wish for a simple and time saving click-to-add way to build your website and maintain your content?

Let's introduce you to Blocks, your new powerful tool for managing content, empowering you to create amazing page layouts through click-to-add blocks and adding powerful automations.

Blocks make it easier to build your association website and update your content than ever before. Blocks enables you to personalize your page content and add dynamic modules without requiring substantial technical knowledge or having to rely on a developer. It is ideal for rapidly adjusting your strategy in response to member feedback or analytics insights.

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Respond To Your Members and Stakeholders

In today's digital era, where content which resonates with your membership and prospects dictates success, your role needs to encompass your association's ability to respond based on good data.

You're tasked with engaging a diverse group of members, stakeholders and the public to ensure your association stands out in a crowded digital landscape.

Blocks are available out-of-the-box on your Members Village website builder, beginning with page management and awaiting your creative touch. Whether you're developing member-specific content, call-to-actions, selling opportunities, or material for a certain device, you'll accomplish it quickly and easily. You now have greater digital autonomy and no longer have to wait for your webmaster in order for changes to be implemented.

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The 7 key features of Blocks include:

Save time while crafting beautiful pages with over 20 block types available to you.

Control how your blocks look to ensure they align with your association's brand with colour, image and video selections.

Powerful modules
Access to pre-built modules to promote and sell from areas such as News, Forms, Memberships, Events or Courses.

Audience Segmentation
Improve the audience experience by optionally controlling who can see a certain block.

Device Segmentation
Improve the audience experience by optionally controlling which device displays a block.

Blocks generated work on desktop, tablets and mobile devices without any additional effort on your part.

Custom web designs
Can be integrated with any custom website design running on Members Village.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we've prepared a collection of common questions and answers about Members Village. We are more than happy to learn about your association and how Members Village can support it, let us know if there isn't an answer to your question and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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Absolutely, you can even create a single page which will show different content for different audiences. Or even make the entire page specific to a single audience segment.

You bet. You can choose from over 50+ supported languages and add your content as you see fit.

Blocks is designed to automatically work on all devices, you are also support through a built-in testing tool to ensure your content looks fantastic.