Keeping your members informed about what your association is doing for them is built right into the Members Village membership software.

Your association will be able to easily create newsletters or one-time email mass mailings. Your marketing emails will look great as you simply click-to-add content for your members and the software takes care of everything else.

Mass mailings come included with our membership software and available to you without additional cost.

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Simple Member Newsletters

Send weekly or monthly member focused newsletters, in fact, send them as often as you like since there are no restrictions about mass mailing in our membership software.

Each member email will be personalized by Members Village to ensure that only content a member has access to will be included in their copy. Enabling you to create a single email for all members in your database and letting automation make your life simpler.

Easy Mass Mailing

Need to notify your members of something urgent? Our email composer ensures you can quickly compose and schedule your email. No need to worry about whether your lists are up to date (they always are) or whether your email will get through (it will).

Your experience with our membership software will ensure that communicating with your members is as simple as it can be, while being provided with metrics to measure engagement.

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mass mailing and CASL rules

Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL)

Simply put, CASL has been implemented in Canada to reduce spam. It provides the receiver of marketing material with the opportunity to unsubscribe.

To make your life simpler our membership software comes with built-in CASL functionality to ensure your comply with the regulations put forth.

Members Village provides the recipients of your mass emails with a simple unsubscribe function through built-in secure forms and also allows the recipient to sign up for other lists in which their interest may lie.


Member Mass Mailing Benefits For You

When it comes to sending out emails in bulk, Members Village offers a number of advantages that are sure to make you glad you made the switch:

  • Basic emails are easy to compose
  • Advanced emails feature a click-to-add process to include news or events in your email, among others
  • No limits on list size or emails sent
  • Optional single click polling
  • Automated personalized emails based on member profile
  • Custom template support
  • Automated email generation as per member language preference
  • Business intelligence about open rate, bounces, link clicks
  • Automated up-keep of your member lists (conditional additions and removals)
  • Advanced features such as list merging and exclusions
  • Robust delivery via Postmark

The biggest benefit is that you will have more time, be able to focus on your members, and be able to continue improving how your association works.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we've prepared a collection of common questions and answers about Members Village. We are more than happy to learn about your association and how Members Village can support it, let us know if there isn't an answer to your question and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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Of course, there is a standard dashboard available to you within our membership software giving you an idea of the overall mass mailing performance and also business intelligence about individuals emails which have been sent.

Members Village will ensure that marketing emails from the membership software comply by providing the recipient with a simple way to unsubscribe from future mailings.

With Members Village you can have as many member profiles, with as many mass mailing lists as you wish. And, oh yeah, you can send out as many mass emails as you like without fearing hitting a limit and being told to pay more.