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you're already making smart financial choices, Now Let's Save You Some Money

What if you could develop additional financial resilience and save your association on credit card fees at the same time? What if you can become PCI DSS compliant without any additional effort? What if by choosing a merchant gateway with us, you can avoid credit card fraud fees?

As a certified Elavon partner we are excited to present an opportunity which could boost your bottom line and make your association more secure and efficient.


Our partnership with Elavon offers your association competitive variable rates as low as 2.25% plus 30 cents per transaction. Instead of paying more in fees you now have a chance to reallocate funds to where your association needs them most.

save on credit card processing fees

What are the credit card fee savings for your association?

Consider this - many associations are paying 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction through processors such as Stripe.

With a mere 0.5% reduction in credit card processing fees on a yearly volume of $200,000 that would translate to a substantial savings of $1,000 per year.

Use our helpful guide for an overview of future savings from which your association could benefit. We calculated the following based on 1,000 transactions per year.

 Small Association   Medium Association   Large Association   Large Association #2   
Volume$100,000 per year      $250,000 per year   $1,000,000 per year   $2,500,000 per year   
 Current rate2.9% + $0.3 per transaction2.9% + $0.3 per transaction2.9% + $0.3 per transaction2.9% + $0.3 per transaction   
 Current fees (est.)$3,200 per year$7,550 per year$29,300 per year$72,800 per year
Elavon rate   2.25% + $0.3 per transaction2.25% + $0.3 per transaction2.25% + $0.3 per transaction2.25% + $0.3 per transaction   
New rate
$2,550 per year$5,925 per year$22,800 per year$ 56,550 per year   
Savings   $650 per year$1,625 per year$6,500 per year$16,250 pear year
credit card secure processing

More Than Just Savings - security , compliance AND Peace Of Mind

Switching to Elavon isn't solely about reducing costs; it's about upgrading to a service that offers enhanced security and compliance for your association without any additional effort.

After switching your merchant account to Elavon you become fully PCI DSS compliant without any additional effort and will not have to pay transaction fees on fraudulent transactions.

With Members Village the process of switching to Elavon is seamless and your website is also protected by industry leading SSL.

Common Questions About Credit Card Processing

Switching your associations credit card processing should be done with full confidence that the service lines up with your goals.

We created a collection of common questions and answers when considering Elavon as your merchant gateway.

Fraud detection and prevention is handled fully by Elavon. Your association will not be liable for any fees due to credit card fraud.

Absolutely! When we setup your Members Village installation on Elavon you are PCI DSS compliant right away, without any additional compliance paperwork for you.

As a certified partner of Elavon we can honestly say we're pretty impressed by the pricing and infrastructure offer. Elavon is currently in the top 5 credit card processors in the U.S and they've even got their own Wikipedia write-up.

Evaluate the Benefits for Your Association

Intrigued by what switching to Elavon for credit card processing could mean for you?

Schedule a meeting with us and get a personalized savings analysis.

Consider this: a 1% reduction in credit card processing fees on $100,000 in transactions is a $1,000 savings.

As a provider of Elavon merchant accounts, you can obtain competitive variable rates as low as 2.25% + 30 cents per transaction.

Complete our form and we will be in touch within 2 business days to book your free 30m merchant account assessment.