Ignite Web Solutions Inc. ("Ignite" or "we") is pleased to provide you ("Client") with access and use of our Members Village websites, database, e-commerce, and services (“instance” or "software").  These Terms, Conditions and Definitions (“Agreement”) governs your access to and use of an instance of Members Village. 

We reserve the right, exercised at our sole discretion, to periodically modify and update this Agreement. Changes are effective immediately upon posting and apply to all access to and continued use of an instance. To avoid confusion, any amended Agreement will supersede all prior versions, but modifications will not apply retroactively.  

Most recent updates as of August 1, 2023.

Terms, Conditions and Definitions:

Standard Installation

The standard installation of Members Village contains all features, functionalities and modules as they are available out-of-the-box without customization or third-party APIs or code snippets.

Included in the standard installation are the following features/modules:

The standard installation is supported by basic technical support.

Custom Installation

When an organization's requirements are unique Members Village adapts by providing a secure and flexible custom installation, an option with unrestricted potential.

With Members Village you'll get a team of experts who listen to understand your goals and prepare a custom installation/digital solution which delivers on your business needs. Our process takes you through consultation, to creating a mockup and design which will be presented to your team for your review and approval. Once the mockup and design phase is complete and approved, we will schedule your project and schedule development.

Once your custom installation or digital solution is installed and ready to go live, our team will schedule your personalized training and a video recording will be created for your future reference.

All support requests, and additional training sessions, for custom installations are treated as Premium Support.

Custom installations and digital solutions are covered under our Warranty.

Third-party APIs and Code Snippets

While third-party APIs and code snippets are supported by Members Village we reserve the right to decline installation if we identify a risk to the security and integrity of Members Village.

All support requests, including the installation, updates and support for third-party APIs and code snippets are treated as Premium Support. Third-party APIs and code snippets are not covered by our Warranty.

Personalized Training

Once your standard installation or custom solution is ready to go live, our team will schedule your personalized training session.

You can expect one personalized training session to contain the following:

  1. Training session over Zoom
  2. Questions and answers
  3. Recording of your session for future reference

We understand that organizations grow and can have changeover so additional training session can be scheduled at any time and are available as Premium Support.

Training videos for standard functionality are available at any time.

Basic Technical Support

We seek to ensure that all subscribers receive timely assistance and remediation when they encounter bugs directly related to standard functionality of Members Village.

Basic technical support is included in your Members Village subscription and covers standard Members Village software bugs at no additional cost.

Our basic technical support plan is designed to ensure all standard features of Members Village are working as intended and cover:

  • Troubleshooting of bug reports directly related to your standard installation
  • Resolution of bugs, glitches, error messages, software crashes, and other problems related to the standard installation
  • Access to our training videos
  • Client tracker portal for secure communication with our team

Premium Support

We offer premium support to give you the best possible assistance for your needs. Our preferential rate packages are designed to provide you with the best value and predictable billing possible, otherwise premium support is billed at an ad-hoc rate of $125.00 per hour.

Our goal is to help you quickly, so if we expect to complete a task within two hours, we won't bother you with an estimate. Instead, we'll jump right in and execute the task on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Premium support will cover requests and services including, but not limited to:

  • Review, analysis and adjustments of client data
  • Installation, support and maintenance of third-party APIs and code snippets
  • Custom digital solutions covering development, assistance and support
  • Custom data restoration
  • Consultation, web design, logo + branding, marketing and development services
  • Changes to mailbox settings, such as setting an out-of-office or alias redirect

Please note that any premium support charges will be reflected on your next month's invoice.


Estimates are provided for any custom request which will require more than 2 hours to complete.

  • New details or changes will trigger an automatic financial and timeline adjustment
  • Bugs will be fixed at no cost for 30 days from the original date of live deployment
  • All support time, consultation, changes, bugs (after 30 days) and training for custom functionality are Premium Support
  • Payment milestones will be set based on the scope of the request

Your full request history can be found in the Estimates section.


Standard installation functionality/features are warrantied for life.

Custom installations and digital solutions come with a thirty (30) day warranty. Clients have 30 days, after the project goes live, to report any bugs for remediation.

Invoices and Payment

All invoices are ‘NET’ thirty (30) days.

All overdue balances are subject to a 2.5% compound late fee per month.

E-transfers must be sent to info@ignitewebsolutions.com, your invoice number(s) must be noted in the message.

Direct deposits and bank transfers must notify us by email of which invoice(s) is/are being paid so that we can record the payment and apply the credit.

Failure to settle invoices which are over ninety (90) days will lead to termination of Members Village service.

Updates and Improvements

Regular Members Village updates are performed in order to stay current with industry standards and compliance/security requirements.

Regular updates have the potential to force updates to custom digital solutions which will require

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Members Village ensures that all marketing related emails sent through the Broadcasts module comply with CASL regulations and provide the recipient with an easy to use email subscription management portal.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

Members Village helps your organization maintain PIPEDA compliance through its secure tools both for your staff and users.

Web and Data Hosting

Members Village the software and all data within is stored fully within Canada on our private cloud.

Backups and Restoration

Members Village backups are performed in a two stage redundancy format.

Daily backups are performed, followed by a weekly snapshot of the daily backups and a monthly snapshot of the weekly backups. All backups are then backed up by a secondary backup service on a 3 day rotation.

Our backups are secured via Multi-factor authentication (MFA). Ignite performs randomized restoration testing on average every 6 months.

In case of a catastrophic failure, Members Village will be restored at no additional cost.

Requests for custom backup restoration will abide by the terms of Premium Support.

Technology Ownership

An instance (copy) of the Members Village software is provided to the Client as part of the Standard Installation service. The Client obtains no ownership or rights over any part of the software or its modules.

Data managed within your Members Village instance database, such as account data, content and financial transactions are property of the Client and can be exported as-is at any time by the Client. Data related to software functionality and database structure are owned by Ignite and will not be provided to any Client.

Hardware/Software Failures

Ignite assumes no responsibility, liabilities, or indirect damages resulting from server hardware, software or networking failures that are out of Ignite’s direct control.

Privacy of Information

Confidential information which is exchanged during your use of Members Village is agreed to be kept safe and not share any such information to any third-party.

Anonymized data may be used for internal purposes such as, performing statistical analysis, improving client services and machine learning/AI algorithms which require an examination of data to build assumptive functionalities; the Client agrees to share such information unless Ignite receives a request to opt-out of anonymous data analysis in writing.

Cancellation of Service and Refunds

Ignite may cancel, with or without notice, any Members Village instance at its sole discretion, without liability to Ignite. For example, breaching or enabling the breach of Members Village functionality and data, or if your account is in arrears.

Members Village's other rights and remedies will not be affected by the cancellation. Despite any cancellation, these Terms and Conditions will explicitly survive and remain in force.

We may also delete any content and data within your instance under these Terms and Conditions, or for any other reason and at any time.

A Client may cancel their subscription of Members Village at any time by providing written notice and settling all outstanding accounts within 5 business days.

You will not be entitled to a reimbursement or refund for any unused time on your account.