It's a breath of fresh air when technology works for you. We've crafted this efficient member management software to do just that, and it's also astonishingly easy to use and will look amazing when complemented by branding and a website design which enhances your associations' communications and marketing.

It is stressful enough to manage an association and ensure that membership applications and renewals are a simple process for your members.

Members Village enables you to say goodbye to burdensome management and use member software which will work for your association. There is no other place like it.

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Simple Membership Management

Joining your association shouldn't put roadblocks in the potential members way. Members Village makes the membership process as simple as possible for your members and your team. We focus our member software on the shortest path possible for the member which includes a simple payment process - other solutions create complex processes which are easy to abandon.

With Members Village you are always in full control and save time by letting the software manage your membership, while having your member data, payments and member options available to you in one place, not scattered through multiple solutions.

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Membership Progress Journey

Certification. Professional development. The member journey. Let's get rid of the ineffective "our data is here and here and here" piecemeal solutions and consolidate your member journey.

With Members Village you'll be in control of the path available to a member for personal growth and progress through the different levels of certification which your association supports.

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Support Group Membership

Group, or batch, applications and membership renewals are simple in Members Village. We worked hard to ensure its simple so that there are no roadblocks in the way of your members to apply for members as a group. In our self-help philosophy there is a manager responsible for each group of members who can take care of the entire renewal process through our simple to use group membership renewal software.

Optional volume discounting is also built in to ensure your members have an inventive to bring in additional members.

With Members Village all the difficult stuff is built in so that your association can focus on working with your members instead of frustrating over manual member renewals.

One association making use of group membership is the Government Relations Institute of Canada who allow individual memberships or group (organization based).

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Member Management Software Benefits For You

It's a welcome change when software works for you, and when it comes to member management through Members Village you will gain the following benefits:

  • Manage membership cycles of various structures
  • Provide tools to members and enable self-help around membership
  • Business intelligence about your membership cycles including member allocation and financial data
  • Insights into year over year membership trends
  • Automated and simple member payment process and membership expiry
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations such as CASL and PIPEDA
  • Easy to use tools to segment and export your membership data to share with partners
  • Your members can help themselves through the secure Member Portal
  • Preferred credit card processing rates through Elavon

The most important advantage is that you will regain your time, be able to focus on your members, and develop your association's operations.


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Managing an association puts a lot of stuff on your plate, let's make your life simpler by having one of our association experts get in touch.

With Members Village you'll be able to take advantage of automation for repetitive tasks, Artificial Intelligence to help you act faster and a team of experts who will support you throughout your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we've prepared a collection of common questions and answers about Members Village. We are more than happy to learn about your association and how Members Village can support it, let us know if there isn't an answer to your question and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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The member options which are supported out-of-the-box are:

  1. Annual or anniversary based
  2. Individual membership
  3. Group memberships
  4. Multi-year memberships
  5. Applications/renewal with approval process

Members Village is built with the ability to run concurrent membership cycles with their own member options and pricing. These cycles run independently to offer you multiple paths for membership and/or certification.

For example, your association could run a yearly membership cycle and a certification cycle which renews every 3 years.

Volume discounting is available at no additional cost and built right into the member management module of Members Village.

Your association also has the option to implement a preferential group pricing model via discount codes.