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Transform the way you help your members grow professionally and connect to their markets.

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Top 3 insights

Your members value tools and services which allow them to easily remain a member of your association.
Data sourced from  anonymized Members Village clients.


On average, an associations' renewing members pay online by using their credit card. 


Is the average renewal rate per year.


Is the average open rate of communications and marketing emails sent to members.

Your association has content, assets and a dedicated audience.

Members Village is built with ongoing input from association leaders in their respective communities, embodying a balance of simplicity and robust function.

Grow your association, capitalize on opportunities, help your members thrive and streamline your association's operations with precision and ease.

Join us and experience secure tools such as:

association management software

Empower your association

When you start using Members Village you'll find all your data quickly and in one place.

Members will be able to pay you easily and access their data at any time.

Your team will be able to manage your association website, member data, emails and e-commerce from anywhere.

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Personalized member profiles with PIPEDA compliance

Secure self-serve Member Portal

Frequent software updates and improvmenents

Forms for data collection, online registration and payments

Easy-to-use website builder with multi website support

CASL compliant mass email marketing

Customized automation features and tools

Membership, Events, Continuing Education and websites

Transform your association using Members Village and streamline your processes to save time, money and focus on your members' development.

The 3 pillars which will help your association optimize include:


Multiply your ability to manage member needs through efficient management and a self-serve Member Portal. Easily maintain your content through our easy-to-use Website Builder.


Create, attract, track and monetize using mass email marketing, events and a built-in Learning Management System.


Boost your member value on a secure platform which enables secure discussions, Member Directory, Job Portal and Classified tools.

payment processing

Keeping Your Association Secure,
Now Let's Save You on credit card Fees!

Credit card fees eating into your association's budget? Consider that a mere 0.5% reduction in credit card processing fees on a yearly volume of $200,000 that would translate to a substantial savings of $1,000 per year.

Imagine saving money on fees, boosting security, and becoming PCI compliant – all at once! As a certified Elavon partner, we offer a powerful solution that strengthens your finances and streamlines your operations. Let's chat about how we can help your association thrive!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we present a collection of common questions and answers about Members Village.

We are more than happy to learn about your association and how Members Village can support it, let us know if there isn't an answer to your question and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

Of course, we provide a $50/month discount on those accounts which bundle Members Village with an Elavon account for credit card payment processing.

Fraud detection and prevention is handled fully by Elavon. Your association will not be liable for any fees due to credit card fraud.

Absolutely! When we setup your Members Village installation on Elavon you are PCI DSS compliant right away, without any additional compliance paperwork for you.

As a certified partner of Elavon we can honestly say we're pretty impressed by the pricing and infrastructure offer. Elavon is currently in the top 5 credit card processors in the U.S and they've even got their own Wikipedia write-up.