The management software for associations with over 2,500 members is incredibly powerful and easy to use.

You manage a large association and have vast amounts of membership data, content and e-commerce records. Each team member has to find their own software with which to manage their part. Financial transactions have to be consolidated. Member data is never synchronized. And no one has an idea of the big picture for your association.

When using Members Village you'll get all your data in one place. Your accounts receivables are organized and ready for audit. Your team can focus on serving your members and growing value which your association provides. You get a sense of calm that your members are well taken care of.

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member management software


How much and how long

Nation Builder is a personalized setup which takes about four weeks. We generate Members Village for your association and perform an initial configuration on the membership software, once complete we work with you to sort out the exact details of each functionality and personalize.

Once you are happy, your membership data is imported, all e-commerce is hooked up and your new members portal and association website is ready. We then schedule a personalized training session and plan for launch. The on-boarding begins at $5,000.

The subscription for Nation Builder is $595/month and if paid yearly it is discounted to $549/month.

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What Your Association Gets

Associations respond better to their members after digitizing with Members Village. Our member management software will ensure you have more time to spend serving your members and building value for them.

What you can expect with Nation Builder:

  • Access to all standard features
  • Unlimited user profiles and administrators
  • Preferred gateway for payment processing
  • Email broadcasting for information updates + marketing - unlimited emails
  • A personalized training session
  • Access to our training videos
  • Free technical support for core platform issues/questions
  • Cloud based - real-time backups of your data
  • Hosted within Canada - ensuring compliance with privacy laws
  • 1 primary domain + $25/month per additional domain
  • Personalized review/strategy session every 3 months
  • 2 hours of premium support per month
  • 30GB of cloud storage for data + files

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