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Managing a large association can be difficult, there is always something which needs your attention, but it doesn't have to be. Meet Nation Builder, an easy-to-use management software created specifically for associations which manage a large collection of members and candidates. Powerful and user-friendly our software makes your life simpler and helps your association and team run more effectively.

Imagine having all of your membership records, content, and e-commerce data right in one place. You no longer have to worry about data synchronization or juggling many programs and services. Every team member gets a toolset specifically developed for their task such as marketing, communications and membership - piece of mind out-of-a-box.

Your staff can concentrate on what's important - supporting the growth of your members and improving the value your association offers.

Experience the calm and confidence that comes with knowing your members are well taken care of. Discover the difference Members Village can make for your association today.

software for large associations


Effortlessly create and update your website with click-to-add blocks which come with Nation Builder.

Gain immediate access to every module you need to build your own awesome association website pages. Want to create a special message or offer just for members? There's a block for that! Need a call to action to tell people what to do next? Blocks have those too! Want to support multiple languages? No problem! Need to run multiple websites from one platform? It's built in!

The best part is you can build and change your website all by yourself, just like putting together a fun puzzle. 

membership management

Make your Members happy

Tired of membership management headaches? Members Village is here to make things smooth sailing for your members and your team!

Forget manually maintaining lists, Excel spreadsheets and endless paperwork. Members Village streamlines the process with a super-simple signup, payment system and self-help tools which supports individual and group memberships.

No more getting lost in a maze of different tools - everything you need to manage your members is right at your fingertips.

How much + how long

Nation Builder is a fully managed and personalized setup for your association. We perform an initial configuration of the membership software, including the features you wish to use and setup the look and feel of your website.

Once you are happy, your membership data is imported, all e-commerce is hooked up and your new members portal and association website is ready. We then schedule a personalized training session and plan for launch. The on-boarding begins at $5,000.

Nation Builder is $545/month when combined with an Elavon account for credit card processing.

With a payment processor of your choice Nation Builder is $595/month.

What Your Association Gets

Associations respond better to their members after digitizing with Members Village. Our member management software will ensure you have more time to spend serving your members and building value for them.

What you can expect with Nation Builder:

  • Access to all standard features
  • Unlimited user profiles and administrators
  • Preferred gateway for payment processing
  • Email broadcasting for information updates + marketing - unlimited emails
  • A personalized training session
  • Access to our training videos
  • Free technical support for core platform issues/questions
  • Cloud based - real-time backups of your data
  • Hosted within Canada - ensuring compliance with privacy laws
  • 1 primary domain + $25/month per additional domain
  • Personalized review/strategy session every 3 months
  • 2 hours of premium support per month
  • 30GB of cloud storage for data + files