learning management system

Professional Development to Help Members Grow and Thrive

Imagine your members easily taking advantage of continuing education opportunities through your associations' course catalogue.

Now imagine being in full control of a simple and intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) integrated with your website enhancing your members' experience. An online platform which makes learning, collaborating with your peers and obtaining certification simple.

Your members benefit from a virtual classroom where they can access courses, study materials, quizzes and assignments. They can learn at their own pace or collaborate within a cohort, monitor their progress and obtain certification.

Instructors benefit from a smart portal which helps manage and track how students. Teachers can track progress, grade assignments, certify course completion and communicate with students easily.

Your association benefits from a robust platform to host your branded courses, take advantage of revenue generation and gain valuable insights into how your members are progressing through simple to understand visuals.

Think of an LMS as a handy tool that brings students and teachers together to ensure professional development for your members is convenient and efficient!

Schedule a no-obligation consultation and the Members Village LMS and let's start improving your member value today.

LMS dashboard and certification
LMS for professional development

Help your Members Thrive

Members expect tools which help them grow professionally to be simple and easily available. With our LMS your association can provide your members with continuing education opportunities which fit their needs, available right on your website and within their Members Portal.

Your members will be able to see their progress and access their certifications at any time.

Save Time and create revenue

Do more with less - expect a robust experience to help your association increase value for your members and guide them in their professional development which can be done with as little as one administrator.

Our LMS is fully integrated with your website meaning it is ready to be used right out-of-the-box.

The LMS comes with all features included and no student or course limits for the low monthly investment of $95.

LMS revenue from membership

Benefits For Your association

Provide your members with a simple and intuitive experience when it comes to their continuing education, some of the benefits you will get right away include:

Easy to use
Setup your own branded course in minutes or trust that we can populate your content for you by leveraging our Premium Support.

Your members can help themselves to available courses and participate without any involvement on your part needed.

You'll be able to support both courses and micro-credential programs.

Amazing support
You'll automatically receive all future improvements and updates along with having access to our tutorial library. You also get access to our client portal where real humans will be happy to guide you.

No limits
Unlimited courses, unlimited teachers, unlimited students.

Gain insights
Create evaluation forms which students can use to provide you with valuable feedback.

Secure and privacy legislation compliant
Trust that your course content and student data will be secure on our private data cloud and in compliance with PIPEDA and CASL.

learning management system questions and answers

For your convenience, we've prepared a collection of common questions and answers about our LMS.

Imagine your professional, regional or national assocation easily providing continuing education opportunities through your associations' course catalogue. Contact us today with specific inquiries.

Certainly! You have the option to attach a fully configurable evaluation form to any of your courses. You can then review the data within your administrator portal or export it for dissemination.

Of course! You'll have the flexibility to host both paid and unpaid courses on our Learning Management System. Whether you're looking to offer premium professional development or share knowledge for free, we've got you covered. So, feel free to mix and match as you please! Happy teaching!

Cohorts are fully supported, allowing you to create a sense of community and collaboration among your students. They can join courses as part of a cohort, making the learning experience more engaging and interactive. Embrace the power of teamwork and start building a fantastic learning community!

Our LMS is designed to make things easier for you and automated certificate issuance is on of its features. Once your learners successfully complete a course, they'll receive their well-deserved certificates without any extra hassle. Cheers to teaching and certifying!