Without any extra work from your association, the Classifieds Marketplace module will make it easier to increase the value for your members, and bring in new potential revenue.

By giving your members a safe place to buy and sell goods and services, Classifieds will help your members get more out of their memberships. While enabling you to focus on essential member management, creating informative mass emails and adding more value.

Your members will like how easy it is for them to set up, manage, and promote their listings with the tools your organization gives them.

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Secure and simple Marketplace for Classifieds

Classifieds makes it easier for buyers and sellers to connect, sellers get business intelligence because they can always see how well their listings are doing.

Adding our Classifieds Marketplace module to your association will give your members access to a powerful, easy-to-use marketing tool that could help them get leads and make more money.

Help your members grow their exposure and revenue by running a safe and effective online classifieds market.


Classifieds Marketplace Highlights

Some of the key features included are:

A classified owner will have access to their Classified listings at any time through the Member Portal.

A classified owner will be able to pay for listings and access their receipts through a secure portal.

Classified owners control all aspects of their marketplace listings through secure forms. Your association can optionally act as a gatekeeper by approving new listings or changes to existing ones.

Marketing of listings is built in and automated through strategies such as Search Engine Optimization and social media sharing

Classifieds can run as part of your Members Village portal or as a standalone product.

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