You manage an association and every new feature which would save you time seems to cost a small fortune from your current developer.

With Members Village you get a whole slew of the most needed association features right out-of-the-box. And if it isn't exactly the way you need it then it can be reconfigured because our database engine is just that powerful.

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But what if I want something custom

Custom? - no problem! Members Village is super flexible and its database engine and form builder allow for quick prototyping of new functionality. When it comes to custom development there are no restrictions since we isolate your app from the rest of the platform so everything remains secure.

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What Your Association Gets

With Members Village you and your team are going to benefit from association software tools to make your members' lives much simpler.

Website Builder
Build your website as you see fit. In as many languages as you want. Bonus: We provide you with a skeleton website to start with.

Mass Mailing + Marketing
Send email blasts to keep your membership up to date. CASL compliant.

Member Management
Simple join and renewal process for members. Individual and group memberships supported.

Member Portal
A secure portal which members can use to access their history and features self-service tools.

Member Directory
Automated marketing tool to promote your members' business or enable member verification.

Event Management + Registrations
Event management with simple and advanced event registration options and admin summary.

Database Builder
Can be used to collect massive amounts of data such as a grievance database or a time-tracking tool.

Form Builder
Build a simple intake form, or a nomination form, or a volunteer form... there are no limits with our secure forms.

Discussion Groups
Deploy a working group or consortium for your members where discussions can be had and documents shared.

Financial Reports
Reporting giving you a breakdown by department, taxes, surcharges, discounts on a cash or accrual basis.

Member Renewals + Subscriptions
Supports multiple concurrent subscriptions for membership for both individual and group member renewals

Conference Management
Manage your conference micro-site and provide registration, program, abstract submission and call for papers along with member personalized schedules

Resource Guides
Create resource guides and manuals which you can share with the public or your membership. Ability to make the resources paid only.

Collect donations securely and easily with CRA compliant charitable receipts

Job Portal
Enables for the purchase and publishing of job postings through our secure module.

Classifieds Marketplace
Host a classifieds marketplace for your members to be able to sell their products and services.

Enables for the uploading, listening + sharing of podcast episodes.

Stellar Support
We stand behind what we sell and the entire team is always accessible to ensure you get the best answer including automated software updates and enterprise support for your association.

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