The amazingly simple, very powerful, management software for associations up to 1,000 members.

Members Village will help you ensure your time goes towards creating value for your members and automate your membership renewals and other operational activities.

Your team will find all member data and tools in one place which they can access from anywhere, at any time. Your members will be able to help themselves through a secure members portal.

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membership database software


How much and how long

Village Builder is a one-day setup. Your personalized member management software and database are created and a personalized training session scheduled to cover everything. When you are happy, your membership data is imported and your new portal is ready. The on-boarding cost is $1,500.

Want to do it all yourself? No problem, we'll create an instance of the software for you and you're off to the races, the on-boarding cost is $0.

The subscription for Village Builder is $145/month and if paid yearly it is discounted to $125/month.

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What Your Association Gets

Small associations change for the better after digitizing with Members Village. Every aspect of managing the association can be done remotely by your team.

Village Builder is the perfect association solution for professional associations just starting out.

What you can expect with Village Builder:

  • Access to all standard features
  • Up to 1,000 user profiles and 1 administrator
  • Preferred gateway for payment processing
  • Up to 1,000 mass mailing emails a month
  • A personalized training session
  • Access to our training videos
  • Free technical support for standard platform issues/questions
  • Cloud based - real-time backups of your data
  • Hosted within Canada - ensuring compliance with privacy laws
  • Single website support (1 vanity domain)
  • Yearly personalized review/strategy session
  • 10GB of cloud storage for data + files
  • Premium support is available upon request

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membership database software for small associations