Ecommerce websites which accept credit card payments for things like membership fees, certifications, professional development courses, or event registrations should display certain details to customers, such as a refund policy. Enabling your association to comply with the terms and conditions set out by card brands such as Visa and MasterCard.

Customers and members will be empowered to make better purchase decisions with the information easily accessible. This self-service model will also lessen the burden on your association as it relates to credit card chargebacks, questions and complaints from customers. As reported on September 11, 2023 credit card disputes are on the rise and can lead to your association being stuck with fees out of its control.

Our helpful guide will walk you through the essential credit cart payment compliance details your association should provide on its website to ensure your customers and members have clarity and avoid fees due to disputes.

association name and branding

Contact Details

Provide a means of contacting your association, such as an email address and/or phone number, most websites have this data listed in the footer. Ensuring this information is easily available to your customers and members is crucial as it helps establish trust,  reduces search frustration which can lead to purchase abandonment.

Detail What You Do

Give visitors a sense of your website's focus. The "About Us" section of a website is where most organizations give a brief description of their services and products. In order to improve the customers experience and make a well-informed purchasing choice, it is crucial that your customer has quick access to this information.

association about us
country of operation

Display Your Country of Operation

Credit card companies insist that your country of business be shown on at least one page before the checkout process. Your association can comply with this compliance stipulation by including the country within an address section in the footer.

Ensure Your Currency is Showing

Include the currency symbol next to your price tags for things like membership or event registration options. The currency symbol must be included even if your business only serves consumers in a single nation.

credit card currency
SSL + ecommerce encryption

Protect Credit Card Data

Customers' credit card data must be encrypted when collected through your website, encryption is easily accomplished through a SSL certificate which then uses the HTTPS protocol (techy link). How can you tell is a website is using encryption? The URL/link will begin with https:// (that little 's' is the indicator) whereas http:// is used for non-encrypted pages.

Members Village automatically handles the acquisition and installation of an SSL certificate for your website as part of your service.

For those managing and hosting their own website, make sure your payment page has the appropriate security certifications in order to comply with PCI DSS, failure to maintain compliance will lead to consequences such as your merchant account being frozen or terminated.

Return, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Ensure you present your customers with clear Return, Refund and Cancellation Policy definitions. Providing these details helps you establish trust and transparency, as your customer knows what to expect before committing to a purchase and a risk management tactic to help your association avoid credit card charge disputes.

Your association will also display its commitment to customer satisfaction which will help set the foundation for repeat business.

ecommerce refund and cancellation policy

Your Ecommerce Essentials Checklist

Enabling your association to collect credit card payments through your website doesn't have to be a hassle and ensuring you have the following details will make the experience seamless for both your customer and you.

  1. Contact details which ensure a customer can reach you.
  2. What your association does, such as an About Us section.
  3. Country of operation, even if operating within one country.
  4. Display your currency, such as CAD or USD.
  5. SSL, mandatory, also helps with your SEO.
  6. Return and cancellation policy which is clear and accessible.

Members Village automates all of these processes for you to reduce time and ensure you can reinvest it into supporting your members. Let's chat today about how we can help digitize your association or member based organization.

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