Secure, Feature Rich and PIPEDA Compliant Form Builder to Easily Intake Data

Envision how much time you and your members would save if your association website supported simple and quick forms. Secure processes for things like call for presentations, nominations and the ability for your members to maintain records of their professional development.

Now envision a built-in form builder, at no additional charge, to give you full control to easily build, among others, contact, event registration, feedback, compliment and complaint, survey, membership and job application forms. An integrated module which makes online data collection, record keeping, collaborating with your peers and obtaining certification a secure and streamlined process.

Your members benefit from a secure virtual vault which they can easily use to keep track of all data to maintain membership requirements and compliance.

Your website visitors benefit from being able to complete forms with ease for a variety of purposes such as event registration or submitting a lead for one of your professional members.

Your association benefits from a PIPEDA compliant platform to host your forms securely and take advantage of automated processes such as peer reviews of proposals and applications.

Think of the form builder handy tool that reduces effort and ensures data collection between your association and members is convenient and effective.

A no-obligation consult is available for your association to ensure Members Village will start improving your member value today.

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Optimize your Event Registrations

Members look to spend less time when it comes to signing up for an event, registration should be a painless and quick process. With our Form Builder your association has full control over its registration forms which can be customized per form or registration option. With automatic form population your members can register themselves, a colleague, a group or complete a sponsorship form with ease.

Your association will be able to get exactly the data it needs while your members will spend less time completing forms.

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Self-serve Memberships

Do more by letting your members help themselves - count on a powerful and dynamic forms to help your association optimize its membership application and renewal process by having full control over the membership form, capturing data securely and an optional review process. Ensuring as little as one administrator can manage the entire membership process without creating any inconvenience for your members.

Form Builder is fully integrated with your Members Village website so you have the ability to build secure forms right away, and carries no additional cost.

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Secure Data Collection and Storage

Your association and its members expect to have their data stored reliably and securely. Members Village ensures that all data is stored within Canada on our not-for-profit data cloud to maintain privacy law compliance with regulation such as PIPEDA.

After switching to Members Village you'll be able to focus on delivering value for your members.

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Form Builder Benefits For Your Association

Provide your members with simple forms which are quick to complete and allow them to maintain their own data. The benefits you will get right away include:

Easy to use
Setup your own forms in minutes with a variety of customization options.

Peer Reviews
Enable secure peer review processes with their own grading schema per form.

Full control of being able to customize form fields used on the integrated modules of Members Village.

You'll be able to create pathways and conditions for your forms.

Audience Segmentation
Take advantage of the ability to create one form for various member types and trust Members Village will maintain data collection integrity by collecting data to which each group has access.

Amazing support
You'll receive all future updates along with having access to our tutorials. You can also take advantage of our Premium Support to have a dedicated human being help you.

No limits
Unlimited forms and unlimited peer review portals.

Data Export
Take advantage of the ability to export your form data into Excel to either share with a partner, or to further process the data.

Trust that your forms and data will be secure on our cloud and in compliance with PIPEDA.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we've prepared a collection of common questions and answers about Members Village. We are more than happy to learn about your association and how Members Village can support it, let us know if there isn't an answer to your question and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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Yes, form logic or conditions (meaning fields appear or disappear based on a response) are supported.

Your association will dictate whether what fields are collected on which form. We automate the process behind the scenes, but leave you in full control of what data you collect.

The data collected through your forms is backed up nightly.