Help your members develop and improve in the areas of communication, comprehension, knowledge exchange, share best practices and practice leadership in a secure discussion group environment hosted by your association.

Groups allow your members to exchange discussions and points of view and collaborate towards a shared improvement of the industry you represent, all in a secure environment only accessible to members.

Groups are available to your association at no additional cost.

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Discussion Groups Benefits

Some of the main benefits to your members include:

Practice and hone communication skills including giving and receiving feedback, and moderating group debate.

Members can learn more about a subject, ask questions to better comprehend it, and hear other points of view, knowing that all engagement comes from peers.

Problem-solve as partners where knowledge communicated and gained can benefit all participating members.

Share best practices around technical skills such as marketing or advertising within the industry.

Practice skills like sympathy, empathy, conflict resolution, and cooperation.

Participation in a discussion group may also help individuals develop leadership qualities, such as the capacity to conduct group discussions, distribute responsibilities, and steer the group toward a common objective.

Groups have the potential to be a fertile ground for personal growth and part of your associations' professional development strategy.

Communication, comprehension, problem solving, decision making, interpersonal, and leadership are just some of the abilities that participants may develop and hone via active engagement.


Groups Highlights

Here are 4 key features of the Groups discussions:

Member will be able to create and dialogue in a private environment.

Host as many personalized groups as you want - no limits!

Each group can host their own events privately.

Members will be able to share documents with other group participants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we've prepared a collection of common questions and answers about Members Village. We are more than happy to learn about your association and how Members Village can support it, let us know if there isn't an answer to your question and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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Members Village is a powerful relational database - meaning it can be configured by your association to be very simple or store complex data sets. You are in full control of the database nomenclature.

As you make changes to your database the software will also adjust itself to factor in the new data and enable you to easily manage your database. As you configure your database Members Village will provide basic business intelligence into your data.

Not a database nerd? That's OK! We offer enterprise support which will painlessly help you configure your database just the way you want it.

Members Village is built with the ability to run concurrent membership cycles with their own member options and pricing. These cycles run independently to offer you multiple paths for membership and/or certification.

For example, your association could run a yearly membership cycle and a certification cycle which renews every 3 years.

Payment processing for membership payments and renewals is available to all associations on Members Village. We offer no-cost integration options with the following payment gateways:

  • Elavon
  • WorldLine
  • iATS
  • Moneris
  • Global Payment
  • Square
  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Braintree